It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

Ask me anything !!!!   Hello guys ! My name is Marine ! :) I live in Lyon, France ( yeah ! <3 ). I'm 16 YO ! You can speak English and French ( of course ! ) with me.
Well, just love friends, the Hunger Games, Divergent, TFIOS, TMR... ( actually I'm just crazy about this books ... :D ). And like all the teenagers : music (I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift--> SWITIIIIE) and series like Grey's Anatomy and PLL !

Hope you enjoy my Tumblr ! <3

What does my girl say?

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i would be such a shit famous person because when a fan wants to take pictures i’d be like “show me” and then id be like “ew delete it” all the time

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We could go home

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i don’t actually know how to pronounce half the words in my vocabulary because i only read and type them

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Anonymous asked: tell us your most embarrassing story




So a while back i was at this party and i was the first girl to arrive and there were like 20 guys already there, we were all siting around, having a beer and whatnot when the dj arrived. So all the guys went out the front of the house to help set up the dj gear and it was just me sitting there alone in the backyard for like 5 minuets. I stood up to go follow them bc i was getting really bored when i realized something, my period had gone through my white pants and stained the while chair, i was humiliated, i had no idea what to do, i could hear the guys were coming back and i had to do something quick, time was running out. So i grabbed the chair, ran like 10 meters and threw it over the fence into the neighboring yard, i quickly walked back and tied my jacket around my waist. The guys soon returned and didn’t suspect a thing, i am amazing.


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